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"Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war" ~ Donald Trump

Let's Win The War!
02/27/21 (posted by darladawald) 9 months ago

We may have lost this battle, but we cannot lose the war. 


We have a difficult path forward. If we hope to ever see another conservative Republican elected to office of President, Congress, or lower office, we must take measures now to root out all election fraud. The first step is to commit to contacting your State Legislators, County, and Local leaders/elected officials and apply nonstop pressure on investigating, adding voter ID laws, and reviewing the process, machines, and tactics/processes for observing the election. We must make our voices heard at every level of government. This isn't about holding signs, rallying, and yelling...this is a war that requires strategy and follow through.


If we want to win the war, we must get busy doing the work! 


Review - Action to Take:

1. Contact Your Elected Officials repeatedly (City, County, State, Federal).

2. Demand Election Integrity (investigations and review of all processes).

3. Demand Voter ID in your state.

4. Become a Precinct Committeeman.


Whatever you do, don't let up! We must hold them accountable. 


The left's tactics have been exposed at greater levels than ever in the past in regard to election fraud. They stole this election from President Trump and most likely some Senate seats too. Let's work to vindicate him while also insuring voter confidence and election integrity. 

Darla Dawald



Trump to go after Biden in highly anticipated CPAC... more
Trump to go after Biden in highly anticipated CPAC speech
02/26/21 (posted by darladawald) 9 months ago

Former President Donald Trump will use his highly anticipated speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference this Sunday to slam the Biden administration and highlight areas of policy disagreement, according to Fox News.

The former commander in chief will also direct considerable attention to issues like illegal immigration, energy policy, the closing of schools and identity politics.

The speech will be the 45th president’s first since leaving the White House. In the month since he’s left public life, Trump has been mostly silent.

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