Grassroots Central provides you controls to help keep down any abuse on our site.  If you see an offensive post by a group,  click on the 3 vertical dots beside the group name and Report Group.  This will immediately ban that group across our entire platform until we have reviewed it.  

You may also report any posts from groups you belong to by clicking on the 3 vertical dots next to the post and reporting the post to the group administrator for their review.


Newsfeed - Provides you with the most recent articles from all the groups you follow.

Info - Various screens of useful information.


Help - You are here right now!

Feedback - Provide us with your feedback.

Contact - How you can contact us at Grassroots Central.


Your Groups - Display a screen that allows you to select which group you would like to focus on that you follow.

Search All Groups -This is a search window that will allow you to search all the groups on the Grassroots Central platform.

State Groups -Display a list of all the state groups.

'Group Name' - Current group being displayed.

Home - Clicking this menu item displays the latest articles for this group.

Store (Optional) - If this group has a store this menu item will appear. Clicking it will take you to the online store for this group.

Pages - Clicking this menu item displays a list of all the pages that are under this group. Pages include petitions, fax campaigns, newletter pages, lengthy articles, surveys, etc.

About - Clicking this menu item displays the about information for this group along with any contact information they provided.

Policy - Information set up by this group administrator.

Settings - Basic information we need about you.

Profile - This is where you can edit your profile information and also control what email you receive from us.

Group Membership - This is where you can edit your group settings profile to control the email and texts you receive from that group.  You can also Inactivate yourself from a group to stop seeing their articles in your newsfeed.  You can also cancel any premium or donation subscriptions here.

English You can change your language to Spanish. We recommend using a translator such as Google to fully translate our pages.