Welcome to Grassroots Central! A new generation platform provider called TAP which stands for True Activist Platform! We provide a free platform for users to create their own groups which provide a vast array of capabilities for each type of activism. In our universe, activism can be anything from starting a national political movement, running for your local city council, selling your own homemade products or just setting up a blog.  We provide the platform that allows you to easily follow multiple groups at the same time and see all the newsfeed articles from each of the groups you follow all in one newsfeed! You can also select to focus on one group at a time to see all the activities happening in that specific group. As a guest user you can view all the group feeds on our platform on the Grassroots Central home page.  As a registered user, you can choose the groups you would like to follow.  When you logon you will see your personalized newsfeed which contains only the articles from the groups you follow.   As a registerd user you can comment on any of the articles you see, provided the group owner has allowed/set the group for likes and comments. Some groups allow you to post articles as well as commenting on articles. Unlike other social media platforms, we do not monitor or restrict the posts and comments that are made. Rather, we leave that up to the individual group owners who have created and maintain the groups.


Home - Provides you with the most recent articles from all the groups in the Grassroots Central Platform.

Info - Various screens of useful information.  We encourage you to visit these links and get some history on who we are.

History - Background on who we are and why we started        Grassroots Central.

Leaders - Info on how to start your own group.

Our Philosophy - On free speech and how it applies here.

New Here - Basic info on navigating as a registered user.


Help - You are here right now!

Contact - How you can contact us at Grassroots Central.


English You can change your language to Spanish. We recommend using a translator such as Google to fully translate our pages.


Let's TAP you in and get you going! The first step in following or partisipating in any group on the Grassroots Central platform is to become a registered user.

Registering:  To become a registed user you must have an IP address within the U.S.

Select a User Name - Other users will see your comments and articles by the username you select when registering so it must be a unique username in our system.

Email Address/Phone - We require you to enter an email address and a unique phone number in order to register. 

Personal Information - Please be aware that we require personal information which we may verify in the future to prevent attacks within our platform. We do not sell your information and you control what email you receive from each group you follow!