Welcome to the Grassroots Central Platform! Here are some tips to help you get oriented, discover, and navigate the site.


No Mobile Phone App -  We do not have a phone app.  Our system is designed to run from your mobile device's browser regardless of device.

Servers -  Our platform runs off our own servers.  We have complete control of our platform servers.

Not Your Typical Social Platform -  Our platform is designed around Groups.  When you first join Grassroots Central, everything you see is focused on and about Grassroots Central.

The 'Newsfeed' will appear on your menu when you join other groups in the Grassroots Central Nation.  On a desktop you will see Action items and Articles from other groups on your side columns.  On a mobile device you can click the Do-It icon on the left to see the Action items from all groups or the newspaper icon on the right side to see the Articles from all groups.  

By clicking 'Search All Groups' on the 'Groups' menu tab, you can locate groups that you would like to view and join.  Once you've joined other groups, your 'Newsfeed' will now include all the posts from the groups that you have joined. 

By clicking on a group name you will go directly to that group's homepage.  If you would like to focus on or change groups, you can click on the group name anywhere you see it on the Newsfeed (or by selecting 'Groups'  and  'Search My Groups' You can also see what groups you currently belong to by clicking Groups then 'Your Groups'.

Each time you login, you will start on the central 'Newsfeed' page displaying the most recent posts from all the groups you follow.  You also have the ability to change what group you focus on when logging in by changing the group in Settings/Your Profile.

Please be sure to send us any feedback you have under the Help/Feedback menu item!