The History behind Grassroots Central starts in 1999, when three people came together and started an organization called “Grassfire”. The voice of Grassfire was Steve Elliott, who led Grassfire on issues that he felt mattered to conservatives. The remaining two partners in Grassfire, were brothers, Randy and Bob Pritchard. The Pritchard brothers were in charge of the administration of the company and the I/T systems that powered Grassfire.

All of the websites for the Grassfire organization, as well as numerous large non-profit clients, were developed in house and functioned on our own in-house servers. During the 19 years we were together, we agreed on many of the issues we promoted. In 2018 we decided to retire from Grassfire.

In 2019, we decided retirement was not for us and began developing our dream of what we thought an activist tool set should look like. For over a year, we have been developing our own in-house set of activist tools which would provide the most powerful tools available to empower activist to lead their own passions on issues. You see, our dream was to not only recruit like-minded people to join conservative causes, but to empower them with tools which would allow them to have their own voice in this battle to keep America great! In 2020, we proudly launched “Grassroots Central”.

We're so glad that you have or are considering joining us, and we hope that you'll find a home at Grassroots Central for your passions and conservative causes using our site and activist toolkit!