Page making Tips!

Tip 1: A quick way to put some color on your page is to use the table function.   Keep in mind that most of your pages will be viewed on a mobile phone so you can make as many rows as you like.  Use caution making more than one column because tables columns do not wrap when they are sqeezed on a mobile phone.  However, if you have two tables, each with one column the tables will wrap.  Inserting a table helps you segment your messages and at the same time lets you easily control different background colors with each cell.

You can adjust your rows and columns by putting the mouse over the separation bar and right clicking to drag the bar where you would like it to be.  

Pages are responsive, which means they adjust as the screen size changes from desktop to phone size.  Narrow your browser window to see how your page looks on a smaller screen.

When you insert a table the default is a border size of 1 pixel around the cells.  You can change this by simply right clicking on the table and changing the table properties, then modify the border size to 0.  You can also add additional rows or columns to your table if need be.  

Make your page flashy!

Put some images on your page to make it more interesting.  You can also put a link to an article or video on your page.

Petition Language, Fax Message and Fax Items and Surveys all will appear at the bottom of the page when you insert them. 

Store Products will also appear at the bottom of the page when you insert them.

Petitions and Events will automatically place a Join button at the bottom of the page.

Appropriate pages will also add a Submit button on the bottom of the page when you PUBLISH.

You can Preview here in the editor to see how your page is coming along.

To see the final page with buttons added use the PREVIEW button after saving the page.









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