Tell Congress where you stand as a voter! YOUR voice makes the difference!

 Congress needs to hear from you immediately! With the economy struggling from the pandemic, now more than ever we need congress to pass a budget!


We, the people, DEMAND that Congress do their job in representing & protecting the people and the economy of the Unites States by immediately passing a budget bill. If ever there were a need for the full power of the federal government to protect it's citizens and economy - it is NOW. We're asking that politicians of BOTH parties come together, do what's right, and immediately pass a bill.



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Fax your Representative and 2 Senators and tell them it is their constitional duty to pass a budget bill NOW!

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Fax your Representative, 2 Senators and the Senate Committee on the Budget and tell them to pass a budget bill NOW!

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Fax your representative and the Entire Senate and tell them to pass a budget bill NOW!


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