The balance of power is shifting through voter fraud, big tech interference and suppression of news and information, the fake news cycle, liberal Hollywood, so called "social justice" athletes and activists, political correctness and the "woke" and "cancel culture", elected officials who've sold out to establishment /globalists ideologies, and liberal indoctrination in schools and universities. Our nation is barely recognizable from a short 10-12 years ago. The acceleration of these mentalities, ideologies, and practices has been rapid and extreme since the inception of the Tea Party in Feb 2009. 


We truly believe that President Trump has worked hard for the American people by choosing our nation over others, pushing back against extreme radical progressive policies, and making positive changes. Unfortunately, the liberal progressive machine and establishment has fought him at every turn and launched countless investigations, only to be proven wrong time and time again. It's time to organize and fight back as the Tea Party Warriors that we are. We must stand and expose voter corruption and fraud in our cities and states, extract every RINO and replace with principled conservatives, build strong game plans in every community to knock on doors and meet people face to face, and also work to control government costs, push back against socialistic policies, and uphold our Constitution and rule of law.

My name is Darla Dawald, and I was a tea party founder and national Tea Party leader. I was one of coordinators for the 9/12/09 Taxpayer March on DC and many other events, I was a featured speaker on the Tea Party Express tours, a guest on Fox News and other news outlets, and ran one of the largest Tea Party networks on the Internet with members and activism in all 50 states.


It's time that the Tea Party rises and reorganizes. The first step is to join us and together we shall rise and reclaim the America we love. #MAGA 


Darla Dawald 

Tea Party Rising 


It's no longer Democrats vs Republicans, it has become Patriots vs Politicians!

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