The future of our Republic is in the gravest of danger. When an American citizen cannot rely upon the accuracy of votes to be counted as cast, or that someone is manipulating machines, or that the laws are being changed last minute that cause confusion at polls and about the process thereby allowing easy manipulation, then, the citizen will stop voting altogether.  If we hope to ever win the White House again or insure our votes are counted as cast, then we MUST apply necessary pressure at all state legislatures across this country. It's time to contact your legislators at the state level and apply pressure and demand accountability. Otherwise... they may never be reelected again. 


Talking Points:

* Demand Accountability through independent audits and review of election processes in your state.

* Voter ID (Picture ID) laws must be passed to vote legally in your state.

* Laws must be put in place to limit voting to 1 day only.

* Laws must be put in place to abolish unsolicited ballots.

* Early ballots for ill, disabled, and people out of state or country only. 

* Poll Watchers must be given access to and close view of the process.

* Processes to deal with complaints or variances from laws in place during the election. 


Locate your State Legislators Here: